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(note: this table was prepared in 2002, feel free to update it)

The following table considers multi-trip or annual insurance giving worldwide cover for off-piste, ski and snowboard touring and ski mountaineering (touring with skins over glaciated terrain).

 Carte/Carre NeigeCAFVieux Campeur + Vie PriveeBMC Alpine and SkiSki Club GB SuperclubSnowcard Multiski Seasonal
Cost30 €70 € inc club45.50 €280 €155 € (europe)112 €
Search, recovery and transport to hospitalFrance: Amount of Cost Worldwide: 15,000 €15,245 €11433.67 €80,000 €8,000,000 €16,000,000 €
Medical Costs3,800 €915 €152.45 € in France, 1524.49 € Worldwide16,000,000 €see abovesee above
RepatriationYes incl. children and replacement driverAmount of cost, limited to trips of 90 daysAmount of costsee abovesee abovesee above
Third party liability-7,622,451 € (1,524,490 €) for damage to propertyUnlimited (76,224 €) for damage to property3,250,000 €3,250,000 €3,000,000 €
Criminal and civil proceedings7,650 €--40,000 €16,000 €42,000 €
Holiday Compensationlift passes and Lessons + lift pass loss and theft229 € lift pass and lessons, 76,26 €/day for holiday304,90 € for lift pass and lessons4,500 € for holiday4,500 € for holiday 450 € for equipment hire450 €
Lost and broken equipmentEquipment Hire for 8 days-Only equipment bought from Vieux Campeur2,500 €1,000 €-

It can be seen that the French policies are much less expensive than UK policies but apart from the Vieux Campeur policy they will only cover you for sports injuries. The medical cover is really aimed at incidental non-recoverable expenses, such as a pain killing or anti-inflammatory injections administered by a doctor in resort. The UK policies offer a much higher level of compensation but at a significant extra cost. The BMC's search and rescue costs are clearly aimed at someone marooned half way up a mountain in Patagonia.

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