Alpine Skiing: Spring on the Collet - 2,065 m. (6,775 ft)

Sat, 23 February 2019


Minimum altitude: 1,420 meters

Distance: 44.9 km

Slope Aspect: West

Vertical Descended: 4,450 meters


It seemed like late spring today. 20C in the valley and a lot of smog, some of the worst valley pollution of the season. We headed up to Allevard, a bit early to miss the changeover on the roads and to find a parking spot. There were a lot of people in resort but apart from the main Pre Rond drag lift things were fairly quiet for winter half term week with no queues of more than a couple of minutes. Great lunch of Savoyard Diot saussages as the Pre Rond and a Strava KOM for me on the Top to Bottom segment (650 meters D- in 5 minutes). Not easy for the Tot this one due to a long flat section, where weight matters :-).


Very warm for February. Pistes in good condition. Off piste okay above 1800 meters. Soggy below on sun facing slopes, mix of old soft/powdery snow and ice on north facing slopes in the Pre Rond bowl depending on how many people had skied the run already. Lots of spring snow slides on the Grand Moulins on south facing slopes.


image 1