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TR: Sentier d’Orjobet, Saleve, FR
Posted: 30 July 2010 08:55 PM  
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This is a spectacular hike through a cave that is accessed via an iron bridge and steps before exiting onto a steep upper section. The route is named after Orjobet, a local peasant who used to guide Swiss hikers from Geneva to the cave.


It is probably best linked with the Grande Gorge in either up or down direction. In this case from Geneva drive to Collonges and follow the sign posts for the Saleve / la Croisette (there is a ski toe at la Croisette), park at the Parcours Sportif on the D145 (620 meters).

On foot, follow the road up for a dozen meters and take a little path that cuts through to a track marked as a dotted line that runs parallel and just above this road. The path opens out to give spectacular views over the Varappes where you can see climbers on the vertical rocks.

les Varappes

The route joins the path from le Coin. The path starts to zig-zag up the mountain at 800m and about 200m further up you climb some steps cut in the rocks and secured with a cable before entering the cave. On exiting the cave there are numerous tracks cut by climbers accessing the small cliffs just below the summit plateau and although exact route finding is not obvious all roads lead pretty much to Rome.

The route is pretty well sign posted and the climb takes between 1 and 2 hours depending on fitness. It is neither particuarly difficult nor exposed and is doable after work until mid-September. In the winter, like most of the other walking routes on the Saleve, it can be climbed with snow shoes.