Inline Skating: Evening Activity - 225 m. (738 ft)

Wed, 2 June 2021


Minimum altitude: 218 meters

Distance: 12.5 km

Slope Aspect: West

Vertical Climbed: 15 meters (49 feet)

Vertical Descended: 14 meters


First time properly on inline skates for a long time. According to this site I did the same tour on 29/05/2019 but have no memory of it!

Ok there are a few issues

  • I've forgotten how to T stop and don't have any brakes... eeek. Luckily it is quite fat but we used to skate down really steep roads in Paris.... with cobbles!
  • Even grains of sand could be felt through the wheels, I'm a long way from blading the Champs Elysees as in the past.

In short, I've lost any and all skills I once had. I was hoping to improve my balance but the whole things feels pretty weird these days. I skated back with Heloise who was on rollerskis and it was hard work keeping up tbh.


Not bad, a few sticks here and there that I noticed a lot more on inline skates than rollerskis.


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