Roller Skiing: Deconfinement classic rollerski - 224 m. (735 ft)

Tue, 12 May 2020


Minimum altitude: 218 meters

Distance: 13.8 km

Slope Aspect: West

Vertical Climbed: 8 meters (26 feet)

Vertical Descended: 6 meters


After doing a few short climbs near the house I decided to go over to the local towpath for a "flat" out and back. My skating boots are still broken and I need some practice classic skiing especially with my new boots. Had a pole problem (broken point) which made things a bit asymmetric but have got a little bit back into the swing of things. Spoke to a couple skate skiing and quite a few bikes but no runners.


Greasy under the trees with wet leaves. A couple of mini floods near the gravel works but the path was clear so obviously the council have been doing some work. Overcast and cold.


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