Posted on: 2020-05-20 13:39:11 by davidof

All your secret spots are belong to us

Ski tourers like to keep their secret stashes, well secret. At the same time they do like a good boast to a few online buddies.  So what if someone gathered all those millions of gps tracks that have been shared online and produced something like a Strava Heatmap but for ski touring?

Well that is exactly what research scientist Paul Fournel and his colleagues from the website have done. It wasn't an easy task, they used an array of 50 computers, big data, agile and all the other techniques to produce a heatmap of ski tours in the French mountain ranges, and beyond. Okay not every little secret is on there, just near me in the Chartreuse Chamechine and the Combe d'If are missing, but it should give you a few more ideas. There are also a few glitches where people left their gps on while driving (or maybe cycling?).

Note: the title references the 1980s Sega video game Zero Wing