Posted on: 2020-03-18 13:22:47 by davidof

Police clamp down on rebel ski tourers

The High Mountain Police (PGHM) have warned that it is the end of tolerance during the COVID-19 confinement and they will start issuing fines (135 euros) to anyone they find breaking the French government corona virus lockdown. They've been patrolling popular spots for starting ski tours in the Alps and have already ticketed cars with no reason to be there. The PGHM covering the Isere department made the following statement:

"Warning to all backcountry enthusiasts. Once again we see that ski tourers are not respecting the obligation to stay at home. We want to remind you that it is expressly banned to drive to sites to practice hiking, paragliding, climbing, ski touring. Only exercise, of a short duration and close to home are allowed with a self signed affidavit. This excludes anything needing a vehicle to get to the starting point. Refuges that are open cannot be seen as a domicile. We are on the ground to make sure people respect the rules, even in the mountains. If we catch you, you will face risk prosecution."