Posted on: 2020-03-17 23:28:25 by davidof

1 dead and 2 injured in the French Alps despite lockdown

It seems that warnings and injunctions against venturing into the mountains have fallen on deaf ears in some quarters. On Sunday the Chamonix police noted car-parks full like high season as ski tourers toured up closed ski runs. On Monday the French president announced new measures to slow the spread of Corona virus including strictly limiting sporting activities.

However today the rescue services had to deal with one death and two injuries on the first day of the COVID-19 lockdown. The Chamonix PGHM had to come to the aid of two ski tourers in les Contamines-Montjoie. One of the skiers was killed after falling 200 meters over cliffs. They were skiing an extremely steep couloir on the west face of the aiguille de la Bérangère when the accident happened. They also rescued a snow shoer suffering from a leg injury. In the Isère the rescue services had to rescue a skier who had dislocated his shoulder after a fall. According to a report in Le Figaro newspaper they were particularly annoyed that a member of the group pretended to not know about the lockdown.