Posted on: 2020-03-17 23:23:35 by davidof

Authorities warn "keep out of the mountains" during Corona virus lockdown

French and Italian mountain rescue services have called on backcountry enthusiasts to keep out of the mountains during the Corona Virus lockdown.This followed an appeal by French PM Eduoard Philippe not to practice dangerous sports to avoid overloading the health service.

In the Isere the PGHM (specialize mountain rescue police units) said “the rescue services strongly advise against backcountry travel. Looking after victims of Covid-19 is proving very difficult in hospitals. Do not load casualty departments even more, be a good citizen.”

Chamonix PGHM “Every minute devoted to a victim of a mountain accident could be used to help a victim of COVID-19. In other words, do a mountain trip now is potentially a rescue too many for the hospitals.”

From midday Tuesday (17 March 2020) a government directive extremely limits activity outside of the home for at least the next 15 days. It is possible to leave home to get food or medicine, for key workers to travel to their jobs and for limited sporting activities. These activities have to be done alone and close to home. Every trip outside home requires a self signed form available here: The form can be printed or hand copied. Checks are already in place.