Tour of the Crêt de Chazay

889 meters (2917 feet)


Type: Loop
Sports: Mountain-Biking
Lowest Point: 225 meters (738 feet)
Vertical Climbed: 750 meters (2461 feet)
Duration: 0.5 day(s)

Created on: 05-Aug-2015 by davidof
Aspect: Various
Difficulty: 2
Distance: 24 km (14.9 miles)
Trail Portage Road: 68/2/30 %


From the parking ride into Brignoud crossing the railway line and turn left at the lights. At 2.8km take the road behind the factory (route Royale) then continue on the D250 to Champ pres de Froges and Tigneux. Just before the hamlet of Tigneux at 9km take a track to the left (straight on at a right hand hairpin with a building on the right). This leads to les Hurtieres. The north facing track may be muddy in places. After crossing a stream the track climbs steeply into the village of les Hurtieres. by the Mairie (10.5km) take a track to the Col de la Croix des Ayes. About 500m along this track take a steep left.

If you continue on the tempting flat trail to the right you pass the Granges de l'Outre and the track eventually turns into a path that is blocked by a lot of fallen trees which finally leads to le Daret (not marked on map). This path is difficult to follow.

We arrive at the Col de la Croix des Ayes. Take a right on a track that follows the contour around the north side of the Cret du Chazey (chemin de Benemont). After the Granges du Chazay the track descends steeply with a number of difficult drainage channels crossing the way. You arrive at les Adrets, take a small cut through path to the road below then a narrow road to the right which heads to Ladra. At Ladra (14km) the trail starts to climb to the right, take a trail to the left (chemin des Vignes, this is the old road to les Adrets). At Bourdhuire (16km) there is a cross roads. Take the right hand turn (chemin de la Grange Brulees) to the hamel of le Truffat (17km). Cross the road to follow the steep Chemin de Fourneux to Champalud (18km). Cross the main road and take a road to the right (ch du petit Glairon then ch. du Nan) and follow to the railway line and river. Turn south (left) to follow the river path back to the car park.

Road Access

Autoroute A41 (Chambery <-> Grenoble) take the Brignoud exit and park at the entrance to Brignoud at a round-about by the Isere bridge.


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