Tour des Crets de Prabert

1040 meters (3412 feet)


Type: Round-Trip
Sports: Mountain-Biking
Lowest Point: 489 meters (1604 feet)
Vertical Climbed: 625 meters (2051 feet)
Duration: 0.5 day(s)

Created on: 14-Dec-2015 by davidof
Aspect: West
Difficulty: 3
Distance: 15.3 km (9.5 miles)
Trail Portage Road: 45/0/55 %


Starting from the hamlet of Lnagenet follow the road to Rouare, la Planta then after some zig-zags the roads flattens. Take a right hander to les Avons to finally reach the Col du Lauteret. From here you can see the descent to the right, (west). Continue through Prabert taking a left hand turn into the village towards Montregard.

At Montregard follow the trail west, downhill to cross a road at the Col du Lauteret (resistance memorial) then a brief climb to les Crets before descending to Lancelot (dogs!) with a short technical section just before the hamlet. Continue through the village direction Montfallet. Just before the medieval tower there are some technical steps on slippery rock. Continue to the tower (viewpoint) then aim for the the corner of the field to the north west, you will pick up a path in the woods that runs below the Thevenon barns then doubles back to pt 601 meters before turning north once more to descend to Langenet on the chemin de Laval.

Road Access

Grenoble -> Brignoud -> D528 -> Langenet


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