Nordic Skiing: Lunch ski at the Col de Porte - 1,356 m. (4,449 ft)

Tue, 3 March 2020


Minimum altitude: 1,281 meters

Distance: 7.7 km

Slope Aspect: North

Vertical Climbed: 183 meters (600 feet)

Vertical Descended: 178 meters


Skiing was heavy going, snow was pisted this morning but by lunchtime it was like skiing fresh powder with skis sinking in 5cm as well as poles. The south loop was open and in good condition. I got chatting to an old couple then Leonie from the Ecole de Porte and didn't manage many kms but it was pleasant in the sun.


It rained heavily to 3pm yesterday then around 20cm of fresh snow down to 800 meters. Roads snow covered from 1250 meters.


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