Ski Touring: La Grande Chible from Albanne - 2,932 m. (9,620 ft)

Sat, 16 December 2006


Minimum altitude: 1,643 meters

Distance: 17.4 km

Slope Aspect: North-East

Vertical Climbed: 1,618 meters (5,309 feet)

Vertical Descended: 1,546 meters

Rating: 4.1

Avalanche Risk: 2


Route: from Albanne (black ice on the roads this AM) climb across the ski runs climb to the Vé trail, continue SW to the combe des Moulins. At 2100 metes pass to the right of a small gorge or through the gorge if there is enough snow. The slope flattens at 2200 meters, continue to the Grande Chible, col d'Emy or Pointe d'Emy. Return via the same route by Prario (1844m), don't descend too far into the combe du Moulins!

Variants pas de Pertuité (ski 3.3): The east face can be skied by climbing via the pas de Pertuité.

With DavidG we wanted to visit this early season "spot". We found very good powder in places but below 2000m watch your skis as it touches a lot, if the snow continues to melt it would be better to start at les Karellis and take advantage of the man made snow.

We started early (8h!) and reached the summit of the couloir on the shoulder of the Grande Chible (2900m) at 11h thanks to two skiers (Philippe Issiot and friend) that were ahead of us and who presumably did the whole of the track along the Moulins Valley. After skiing the face of the Chible we took in the Pointe d'Emy which was already busy with skiers, snowboarders and snow shoers who had the good idea to come here too. We reached the summit of the Emy at 13h, well David about 10 minutes after me as he was suffering a bit. Return to the car at 14h for a fantastic trip. The best skiing was on NE facing slopes, not to steep 20 to 30°; but globally the skiing was average.

Participants: Davidg, Doctor Bruno


Really good in the north east valley (combe du Moulins) above 2000 meters to 2700 meters. Powder on a firm base - 15-30cm of powder for a total depth of 60cm.

Below 2700m: 5 to 20cm of snow that is settling, often without a base but compressed by skieurs on the trail which you do well to follow.

Above 2700m: mix of crusty / slabby snow.


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