Nordic Skiing: Livigno, Col de Bernina Tour - Crust Skiing. Italy - 2,483 m. (8,147 ft)

Thu, 22 April 2021


Minimum altitude: 1,968 meters

Distance: 29.5 km

Slope Aspect: Various

Vertical Climbed: 958 meters (3,143 feet)

Vertical Descended: 952 meters


Route Description

This is an idea from British and Czeck team skiers James Clugnet and Kateřina Janatová

From Livigno ski to the head of the Valle dela Forcola, continue on road to pt 2099 then take a valley to the right to climb to la Stretta (2465m) and into the Val da Fain. The climb to la Stretta pass is 400 m over 1km. From la Stretta you descend to the Bernina/Diavolezza railway station. The descent through the Val de Fain is 400m over 8km but steeper at the end. Cross the tracks and follow the trails to lago Bianco (2253m). The ski along the Bernina valley is 8km gaining 150 m. Cross lake to the road and climb to left of Lagh de la Cruseta (lake) via the Val dal Bugliet. From the Lago Bianco you gain 250m over 3km to Fourcla Minor (lake Minor), this col is 2435m with a signpost. Descend to the Focola di Livigno (2315m), Italian/Swiss frontier, pass closed in the winter. Descend on the right hand side of the Valle de la Forcola. The descent is 500m over 10km to Livigno.

Both the Val de Fain and Valle de la Forcola are big open alpine valleys idea for crust skiing but beware of avalanche risk and route finding if the weather turns bad. Starting around dawn, expect the tour to take around 5 hours.

Alternative routes:

  • from lagalb station climb the Val Minor (325m of climbing over 5km) to the Fourcla Minor col. This is slightly less steep but misses out half the Bernina valley leg.
  • climb to the Focola di Livigno border crossing, then possibly loop via the Val Minor/Lagalb summit.

Trip Report

Awesome tour from Livigno to Bernina pass, conditions tip top for 90% of the trip. I had no idea if this trip was going to be a success, but turned out awesome... Has this ever been done before ??


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