Posted on: 2021-04-20 10:05:03 by davidof

Arctic ice loss drives extreme European snowfall

Researchers have crunched data from the February 2018 snow storm dubbed "The Beast from the East" that hit Europe and have concluded that it was fueled by sea-ice loss in the Arctic and therefore global warming. They blame a warm Barents sea with 60% ice free surface that enabled a cold north easterly airflow to pick up moisture - 140 gigatonnes of water evaporated from the sea during the event contributing 88% of the snowfall.

They suggest that the Barents sea will be ice free by 2080 and a major contributor to extreme European winter snow or rainfall. The team warn about extrapolating climate change data to conclude that in the future Europe will have snowless winters.

Arctic sea-ice loss fuels extreme European snowfall (paid article)