Roller Skiing: Love Island Roller Ski - 220 m. (722 ft)

Tue, 8 December 2015


Minimum altitude: 212 meters

Distance: 17 km

Slope Aspect: Various

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 65 meters (213 feet)


From the Parc de l'île d'Amour follow the cycle path south for 100 meters then cross over a suspension bridge to the left bank of the Isere. Turn right and follow the cycle path south (Valance) to the Pont de l'Ile Vert (4.5km). U turn and follow the cycle path back to the suspension bridge and on to Gieres and la Perriere. The last 500 meters is on a lane but there is virtually no traffic. The path turns into an unsurfaced track (12.5km) you can go no further. Return to the parking at this point. The cycle path is generally in good condition with no tree roots. It can be damp on the north-west side of the campus but is flat. Care is needed at pt 1.7km where the path passes under the tramway as this is a bit of a blind spot.

Access: Meylan exit from the Autoroute, follow signs for the Parc de l'île d'Amour.

Country: France Area: Gresivaudan Trailhead: Grenoble


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