Mountain Biking: Ice road biker

Mon, 14 December 2015


Distance: 28.1 km

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 942 meters (3,091 feet)


I've not been out on the bike since the end of November but with no recent snow and limited time decided to do an MTB tour with the hope that the biting cold would have frozen all the mud. There is a strong temperature inversion at the moment with cold air lurking in the valleys and the west aspect of the route also meant it was in the shade

The climb on the MTB was straighforward, just keep twiddling in a low gear barely breaking a sweat. I took a little extra loop through Prabert, a kind of dormitory hamlet for Grenoble workers. The trail was largely dry and my idea about the water being frozen was true in the open air but where there was tree cover it was muddy. Usual dog chase at Lancelot but the dogs seem to know their limits. The only sketchy section was the natural flagstone steps above the Montfallet tower which were slippy. I took them on foot which was probably not ideal either. By the time I got back to the valley things were pleasantly warm and sunny. Not a bad route to take this time of year although the bike needed a hose down afterwards.

Weather: Temperature inversion -1C in the valley, 5C at the col.

Country: France Area: Gresivaudan Trailhead: Brignoud


Some mud, some frozen sections. Cold and sunny.


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