Mountain Biking: Le No Name - 680 m. (2,231 ft)

Thu, 2 October 2014


Minimum altitude: 490 meters

Distance: 3.6 km

Slope Aspect: East

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 200 meters (656 feet)

Rating: 1


From the reservoirs follow the broken tarmac road towards the Tour d'Arces. The track is very steep, around 15%. Continue past the tower and continue to the Pierre Grosse. About 150 meters after the PG you will see a yellow mark on a tree just where the road bends to the right. There is a very small opening to the No Name trail (690 meters).

Follow this track, it starts gently looping back to the east. It is narrow in places, watch your handlebars on the tree trunks and branches and watch out for small tree stumps and slippery rocks. The trail twists and turns and even climbs some very short slopes but it is well marked. You can return to the reservoirs by the traverse of the Plat.

Comments on route: A few nasty rocks and steps at the start but it gets easier. The trail was only "opened" in 2014 by FrancoisBJR.

Access: From Grenoble, take the St Ismier exit then the St Ismier town hall. From there take the road to the Tour d'Arces and park at the reservoir.

Country: France Area: Chartreuse Trailhead: St Ismier


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