Ski-Touring: Pravouta Primeur

2015-11-26 by davidof

Snow and Avalanche

Time Location Altitude Aspect Fresh/Total Type Skiability Stability
10:30:00 les Meunieres 1030 East 20/30 Powder 4
12:00:00 Summit, SE Face 1750 South-East 40/60 Powder 4 Snow transport. Snow is somewhat cohesive.

Avalanche Observations

Snowline Up: 1025 meters (3363 feet)
Snowline Down: 1025 meters (3363 feet)
Avalanche Risk: 2


Participants: Mike
Route Taken: Started at les Meunieres.
Road Access Some snow after the St Pancrasse tunnel.

Vertical Climbed: 750 meters (2461 feet)
Distance: 6.9 km
Weather Low cloud, NW wind. Intermittent sunshine.


The conditions have considerably improved since the weekend with around 20 to 40 cm of new snow on the start of a base. We started low at les Meunieres by the reservoirs with the idea that the fields above the village would have good snow. A good plan. The summit was very windy with low cloud. There was snow transport under a NW wind onto the SE face we were going to ski with drifts of up to a meter depth in places but no obvious weak layers on this low, south aspect slope. The first few meters were a bit windblown but things quickly improved for some excellent skiing down to the road. After a couple of hairpins we cut across the fields for some more excellent pitches right back to the car. Skis more or less unharmed from the experience.

There are almost certainly slabs in place on shaded slopes at altitude with the windblown snow. Watch out above 2000/2500 meters.



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