Nordic-Skiing: Nordic Coq

2015-03-20 by davidof

Snow and Avalanche

Time Location Altitude Aspect Fresh/Total Type Skiability Stability
14:00:00 Road 1220 South 0/30 Slush 3
14:30:00 Col du Coq 1400 South-East 0/50 Slush 3

Avalanche Observations

Snowline Up/Down: 1220 meters (4003 feet)
Avalanche Risk: 1


Route Taken: Just to the Col du Coq
Road Access Clear

Vertical Climbed: 210 meters (689 feet)
Distance: 4 km
Weather Overcast, warm


I've always thought the Col du Coq should be skiable on cross country skis. The choice was classic or skating. Someone said to me earlier in the season, if you have a doubt take classic because you'll always be able to get up and down. Good advice. The snow was too slushy at 2pm, poles would sink right down to the road surface through 30cm of snow at the start. The snow looked like a troop of wilderbeast had been stampeding up and down in places, too many pedestrians leaving afternoon tracks. I cross some and it did not look fun to be up to your knees in slush. A few weeks earlier and the road is frozen and smoothed by skiers and snowshoers.

The ski down was ok except for the places with too many foot prints where you had to be careful. I was pleased to have my classic skis with a pronounced "spatula" at the front. It certainly was better than walking or snow shoeing but I'll try again in better conditions with skating skis.



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