Hiking: Secret Saleve: La Petite Gorge, Solataire - 909 m. (2,982 ft)

Mon, 28 June 2010


Minimum altitude: 516 meters

Distance: 4.3 km

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 426 meters (1,398 feet)

Vertical Descended: 410 meters

Rating: 5


The lower section of the Petite Gorge (Ortis) to the Buses path is very dangerous. It is very steep, earthy slippery terrain where it is hard to find good grip and all this over cliffs. It is only when you've finally climbed "Jabob's ladder" that you reach flatter ground. You fall, you die. It should not be descended.

The route starts at Bossey golf course. There are chains and ropes to help with the ascent but also a very steep little gorge to climb on the right hand side that is completely unsecured.


A small link traverse linking to the Grande Gorge. It crosses the right-hand side gully of Petite Gorge which is very exposed.


Parallel to the Sentier des Buses on the next level up. Not always easy to follow the trail but it follows the base of the cliff walls. It starts from the Grande Gorge at Rochers de Onze Heures and joins the Petite Gorge, at the crossroads with the Sentier the Bûcherons.


Warm sunny midsummer day. As ever the Petite Gorge requires a great deal of care due to the slipper nature of the terrain and exposed traverses. For Adrenalin seekers only.


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