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Tentative go-ahead for Montgenèvre extension
Posted: 16 June 2010 02:06 PM  
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The plan to extend Montgenèvre into the vallon des Baisses, the col du Chaberton and the pointe des Trois Sciés has been given the go-ahead by the UTN (Unités touristiques nouvelles) commission for the area during a reunion at the prefecture of the Hautes-Alpes. The region prefect must now make a decision as to whether to authorise the construction of six new ski lifts and the creation of a number of pistes however the UTN approval is an important step for the project.

Local pressure groups including the French Alpine Club (CAF Briancon) have protested about the environmental impact that the extension, covering most of the commune of Montgenèvre, will have.

A number of local ski tours will disappear with the extension. The Prefet for the Hautes-Alpes has refused to meet with environmental groups.

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