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Dragon 2B down
Posted: 27 April 2009 05:48 PM  
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EC145 Search and Rescue helicopter Dragon 2B belonging to the Security Civile and her team are no more. Dragon 2B had performed a number of dramatic rescues in the Corsican mountains including a couple of Avalanche rescues this winter.

On Saturday evening it was on a more mundane mission, ferrying a pregnant women to hospital. On board were the pilot and co pilot accompanied by a doctor. The aircraft took off from Ponte-Leccia at 19h16 and shortly afterwards the 20 year old women gave birth to baby Leo. At 19h35 the helicopter disappeared from radar screens after crashing into the rugged Défilé de Lancone in poor weather conditions. The remains of the aircraft were finally localized at 3h30. All aboard were killed by the impact.

The exact causes of the accident are unknown but no mayday was issued by the crew. Since its introduction in 2002 the Securite Civile in the Pyrenees has lost two of its EC145 in accidents. The EC145 will completely replace the remaining Alouette III helicopters in May.