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Red ink for French ski resorts after poor winter
Posted: 02 June 2007 11:04 PM  
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Some figures are starting to come in for French ski resorts. It is no secret that they have suffered from poor snow, especially below 2000 meters. Typical of mid-mountain resorts is the 7 Laux near Grenoble who saw turnover drop 28.55% and made a loss of 650,000 euros over the season.

The mighty Compagnie des Alpes, which represents around 40% of lift company turnover for France, tried to put a positive spin on the season but it seems their figures for the six month period from October to March were bouyed by property sales in the autumn. On a comparative bases profits were down 15% and turnover stagnated despite a 3% hike in lift pass prices.

There is some more analysis here

French ski resorts saved by artificial snow

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