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Earn Extra Cash Snowboarding/Improve at Snowboarding!
Posted: 22 May 2008 01:48 PM  
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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to introduce myself. I am Kirsty and I thought you would be interested in a new great website!

It is It ‘promises to revolutionise online sports teaching’ and it is a great concept

1. users video their snowboarding technique problem and upload it

2. they browse’s selection of GooRoos and choose one on the basis of experience, language, user rating and price

3. the GooRoo analyses the problem and uploads a personalised video solution

4. the user downloads the solution to their technique problem

5. the GooRoo is paid by

I really think it is going to work as people are now familiar with the process of making a video and uploading it to a web site

There is a huge untapped market for personal sports tuition from experts, (DVD’s, specialist magazines, books or existing “HowTo” websites are NOT “one to one")

Also many professionals are familiar with new technology such as video making and editing

It is pre launch but recruiting now. Great way to earn extra cash or improve your snowboarding.

They ask that if you want to be a GooRoo you need to understand your sport inside out, be able to teach and have some basic ability to edit a movie using one of the video editing packages available, consumer or professional

Oh and they are also running a draw to win an HD video camera if you sign up!