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Avalanche kills walker at Hell’s Waterfall
Posted: 06 April 2012 02:25 PM  
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A full depth avalanche killed a walker yesterday afternoon in the VallĂ©e du Lys close to Luchon in the French Pyrenees. The victim was part of a group on holiday for a week in the area. The walkers were on the summer path which leads to the Cascade d’Enfer (Hell’s Waterfall) when they heard a sound like thunder, the slide took two women from the group. The three survivors raised the alarm with a nearby restaurant who contacted the PGHM at 15h50. Two teams including members of the CRS and fire crew arrived by helicopter. The two victims were found by a probe line, one of them had survived, although with severe hypothermia having managed made an air pocket to breath (she had seen this in a TV programme on avalanches). The route is known for purges, it was warm and had rained at altitude over the last few days.

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