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Ski “Chalet of Death” for rent for 5000 € / week
Posted: 24 January 2012 08:59 AM  
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The owner wanted to be discreet, well he is out of luck. An eagle eyed reader has spotted that the “Chalet of Death” in le Grand Bornand is for rent for between 2000 € and 5000 € per week.


Renamed “Les Laurencières” the chalet was the scene of a horrific multiple murder. On the 11th of April 2003 the Flactif family, mum, dad and three young kids, disappeared from their chalet. Locals assumed they’d skipped the country but the local CIS, using laser imagery, found a gruesome crime scene at the chalet. The walls were splattered with the blood of the family who had been brutally slain in the main room. Blood that someone had spent a great deal of time to clean up. Attention turned to David Hotyat, a local mechanic and his girlfriend. Hotyat got a minimum 22 year sentence for the crime, somewhat lenient some might think. Certainly that was the view of Paris based Rap group Sinik. In their 2006 album “Cold Blood” a verse refers to “David Hotyat, killed three kids for a Nokia, he deserves to go to the devil”. Bizarrely Hotyat won an injunction against the song. In 2009 the chalet was sold at auction for 315KEuros to a Belgium couple.

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