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CAMP backpacks
Posted: 02 February 2009 10:35 PM  
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No not one in pink with tassles......... wink
Was in St Gervais recently and saw a great pack made by CAMP with a very eay looking ski carriage mechanism. I need a 45l pack for multiday tours which is pretty neat ie not too many hanging straps. Anyone know where to get hands on these in UK - or other options. Not fussed about hydration integrated as they just seem to freeze up?


(thanks for tolerating a first post which is basically a ‘give me info’ post)

Posted: 06 March 2009 12:25 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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Hi Doc_si

I see a bit of Camp gear around in the shops. I think it is made in the Arve valley. I have one of their ice axes. I checked the Twenga price comparison website:,Randonnee,Sac-a-dos-de-randonnee-12617

which had a few Camp sacks.

Other options are… Decathlon again. Which you can get in the UK.

their 45l rucksack is fairly traditional, carrying skis on the side. I just bought a Bionassay 32 l (not listed and on sale) which carries the skis on the back of the rucksack in a double sling like with the 22:

However the 22 is too small generally and too lightweight. Although I did a couple of seasons with mine they tend to get scruffy pretty quick.