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Australian Backcountry ski insurance?
Posted: 21 November 2012 07:47 AM  
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I have recently emigrated to Australia which has its advantages but means I am a long way from the snow! Luckily I have managed to wangle some cheap flights and am heading over to visit a mate in Revelstoke in February. We are planing a few backcountry tours and will no doubt be getting involved in some lift access free ride type activities.

The difficulty I am having is finding insurance to cover it. None of the usual australian companies seem happy to cover anything that isn’t piste based. When in the UK I used snowcard but I don’t think their cover will work now I now longer live there.

Any suggestions ?

Posted: 21 November 2012 11:12 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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I am not aware of any Australian insurance company that provides acceptable insurance for backcountry skiing.  I am Australian but use IHI Bupa travel insurance ( ).  They cover almost everything except travel to war zones.  I have claimed from them twice over a few years and been very happy with their responsiveness.  I reviewed many options as I also ski backcountry in Europe and the US and my son is a high level competition slopestyle snowboarder, IHI Bupa won easily!

Posted: 22 November 2012 09:47 AM   [ # 2 ]  
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I use Uk devision of The Austrian Alpine Club who provide excellent cover for the price. Maybe worth a look if you can still be covered if you live in Oz.