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TR: Dome de Pravouta (30/Mar/2012)
Posted: 30 March 2012 03:30 PM  
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Change of scene, I was tempted by the NE face of the Pravouta which I hadn’t skied since 30 May 2007! (Yes really, the end of May), that made the local newspaper.


I had heard that the road was cleared to the Col if not beyond, the snowplough had passed on Wednesday.

P1040546.JPG height=420 width=800

There is still a good stock of snow at 1650 meters on North and West facing slopes, here at the Col du Pravouta.

P1040535.JPG height=600 width=800

Plenty of snow on the high summits of the Belledonne too

P1040543.JPG height=287 width=800

The Dent de Crolles is still skiable, but is it fun?

P1040542.JPG height=600 width=800

Some interesting pot holes on the south ridge of the Pravouta

P1040544.JPG height=559 width=800

I skied down at 10am, the snow on this 35 degree NE slope was just transformed but you would not want to leave it too late

P1040545.JPG height=600 width=800

Bec Charvet to the left with the ex-ski resort of the Col du Coq. Both with plenty of snow cover. The West side of the Pravouta also has snow cover down to at least the forest entrance at 1500m. Good snowshoeing conditions or you could make a little tour of the summits to put in 1500 meters of skiing grin. You’d have to think carefully about timing though.

pano.jpg height=134 width=800

Posted: 30 March 2012 04:46 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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fame at last....