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Noobie question …. giant gear sales and decisions…
Posted: 02 March 2012 05:41 PM  
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Just got into the sport (been lift serviced skiing for 30 years) My current set up for North Eastern USA (and mostly where I’ll be skiing) is a set of BD Drifts W/Dynafits and a set of ZZero C4’s..... my sideslope set up is a set of K2 Backlash’s with Barrons…

Local Chain.. Eastern Mountain Sports is blowing stuff out… Picked up a set of 3G Tonics for 250.00 Us.....  and a set of Bd Factor 110’s for 250.00(to replace my Strolz for lift serv stuff… they are too stiff for how I ski at 49)

Trying to figure out what the best binding for the tonics is ...... another set of the Dynafits(225. us or set of Fritschi freeride Pros (on sale for 220.00 us) ... the tonics and the 110’s will do double duty for loaners to skiing buddies that want to try Backcountry (and can fit in to the 110’s)

any advice would be helpful


Posted: 04 March 2012 09:58 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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That’s a good price for Dynafits, are they the TLT Speed model or FT/ST? Colin Samuels, a hard charging American skier based in la Grave, had an FT breakage on some wide skis and when he looked at the FT toepiece he realized it was more fragile than the basic ST model due to the baseplate exerting more torque (there is a report on PH somewhere about it).

Main problem with a 110 ski are ski crampons. I have TLTs on 99mm skis and they seem ok, although they look pretty weird.

All that to say, the big wide skis will exert a lot of force on the weeded Dynafit base, will the screws and binding take it? It possible also depends on the core and if their is a reinforcing piece beneath the binding.

Posted: 07 March 2012 06:44 PM   [ # 2 ]  
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Radical St’s I think (though they may be the Ft’s) I went a head and put my order in…

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