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Climbers injured by Ecrins avalanche
Posted: 03 January 2012 10:08 AM  
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Two climbers have been hit by an avalanche in the French Ecrins yesterday afternoon. One of the climbers suffered an open fracture to his leg, the other suffered minor injuries to his rib and head but was able to descend to the nearby village of Saint-Christophe-en-Oisans to give the alert. The rescue operation was complicated by poor weather and snow, around 20-30cm fell during the day in the area. The climber was finally brought down to the valley on a sledge around 8pm.

The accident occured as the men descended an icefall in the vallon de la Selle at 2000 meters altitude. The avalanche risk was 3/5 at the time. It is the most serious avalanche incident in France this season.

On New Years day a German skier broke his neck while off piste skiing in the Tougnette sector of les Menuires after a fall. The man was taken to Grenoble hospital with a C-4 fracture to his 4 vertebrae resulting in quadriplegia.

Posted: 03 January 2012 02:57 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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The climbers were descending the route es hémos à Godo

a message from the CRS (High Mountain Police Rescue Services) who attended the scene

I was a member of the team in the yesterday evening in the vallon du diable (selle). It was really a miracle with “just” one person suffering from multiple injuries after falling 50 meters. Remember that these ice falls are often big avalanche funnels dominated by huge snow fields et it is important to inform yourselves of the avalanche risk in the BRA and the weather as well as the ice condition before you prepare a trip.

Have a good season and get well soon to the victim

Posted: 10 January 2012 12:07 PM   [ # 2 ]  
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The unlucky German is only about 30 and was evidently skiing alone. Found by a Brit resident of Les Menuires. Not sure of the reason for the accident.