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wanted: alpine ski boot
Posted: 22 October 2010 03:16 PM  
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hi guys, im off to do a ski season in europe next month, need to kit myself out. looking for a pair of alpine ski boots, will be using them alot so cant afford to buy too old but also cant really afford new!!
had a look to see whats out there on ebay
and on twenga,Skiing,Alpine-ski-boot
but im a little overwhelmed...!!
anyone give me any pointers? sort of hoping theres a dedicated ‘nearly new’ online ski shop!!
so if anyone knows of one? would appreciate it alot…
or anyone shifting a pair that fit this description id love a heads up
thanks guys
happy skiing

Posted: 23 October 2010 07:50 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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Hey Teepee, lucky you heading out for a season. I hate to say it but if your spending so much time skiing, getting the right boot is essential. As every foot is different I think the chances of finding a boot on ebay that fits perfectly, very remote.Most boots have heat moulded liners which are not impossible to mould to your foot yourself, but not that easy either. You need to decide whether you want a touring boot or a downhill. It really depends on what your aims are. I have downhills for short tours and steep descents, and touring boots for longer tours, but do find myself using my touring boots more and more. If you can find an end of line or last season boot at somewhere like Snow and Rock and take advantage of their fitting service. I know they honour their fitting service with online purchases as well (just take them into a high street store with your receipt) which is handy. Try and go during the week when they’re not pushed for time and you’ll undoubtably get a better service.
I believe the ski show is on at Olypia in London soon and the big stores often take their clearance lines.
I would also recommend befriending the local ski shop boys when you arrive for your season, as those boys can work wonders with your boot liners to make them more comfortable as you bed them in.
A little research and maybe spending a little extra on boots and maybe less on something else will reward you in the end. A season with ill fitting boots = no fun!
Hope this was some help

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Posted: 24 October 2010 08:11 PM   [ # 2 ]  
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Hi there, I have to agree with the previous poster the most important bit of kit for skiing is your boots.  If you are doing a season an ill fitting pair will ruin the skiing side of things, I believe there was a famous Austrian ski racer who once said to a journalist “I’ll beat you down the mountain on two planks of wood, as long as I have my own ski boots”.

My advice would be what ever else you are planning on spending money on don’t including beer, mobile phone calls, chocolate, shaving foam etc etc until you get a comfortable well fitted set of ski boots sorted out.

PS Have a great season, still one of the best ways known to man to use up 5 months of your life.

Posted: 27 October 2010 01:59 PM   [ # 3 ]  
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I think the only way you are going to get a good pair of boots on eBay is if you know in advance exactly what you are searching for and wait patiently for it to turn up (you can save a pre-defined seach to alert you).  It can be done: I picked up a super brand-new pair of Garmont’s last year for half price, then got them fitted by Colin in Bicester for £30 (solutions4feet).  But it took some costly mistakes to get to the point where I knew the precise model that suited my skiing, my feet and the right mondo size.

Where are you heading, and where do you live?  These might give a clue as to recommendations for good places to get what you need.  But I agree, with the others: invest in this above anything else.