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Trou de la Mouche by the Pacally Bowl
Posted: 04 February 2008 06:13 PM  
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Sunday saw around 20cm of fresh snow with a stable base (except on some North sector slopes). Now as Munter says a 20cm slab is still a lot of snow to get buried under but we figured that the Aravis bowls were worth a look. The bulletin had said a risk of 2 below 3000m with moderate winds from the south-west.

In fact it was blowing a gale with a lot of snow transport at altitude


Snow was sluffing off the walls of the Pacally at regular intervals loading the banks of the bowl.


We made tracks for 700 meters, although with the amount of snow movement so did anyone further behind.


I was pleased to have my crampons for the climb to the first step before the Fly Hole


I got off the ridge into a calmer spot to remove and pack skins, looking back there was superb view of the Mont Blanc massif


Most skiers had turned back at the col, the wind proving too strong. It was a real high mountain feeling.


The fly hole is really a pretty big opening. Other skiers had climb up from the busier Grand CrĂȘt bowl.

The descent on skis can be made by turning immediately left and following an exposed ramp. Toponeige rating is around 3.2, there is a bit of 35 degree side slipping but nothing too impressive, the ramp opens up onto a wide and moderately steep bowl


There was still a lot of snow being moved around


as you can see in these photos


looking back the fly-hole is clearly visible along with the ramp, it looks a lot flatter from this angle


then more powder skiing


Posted: 05 February 2008 05:36 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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Great to see you getting out there, David. I’ve been wanting to do that tour, but the closest I’ve come so far is up to the Tete Pelouse and back.
Here’s my photo of the “fly hole” with four skiers standing in it, from three years ago in April:

This year I’ll be starting my touring in France on 13 February. I’d be glad to meet up with people who want to get out for some tours, especially mid-week. This page tells how to contact me, and what sorts of skiing I like to do.


Posted: 05 February 2008 03:48 PM   [ # 2 ]  
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Fantastic shot, we wanted to cross over to Tete Pelouse but two of our group found the wind on the ridge too strong and wanted to go down. Let me know if you are over again and we’ll head up there.