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Le Tour du Grand Veymont 2010
Posted: 21 January 2010 04:40 PM  
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This year the TGV will be held on 14.02 (the cable car will be for free in the morning, but they know nothing in the tourist office about an offer like in 2008 (free ski passes for gresse en Vercors)

See more details here:

Posted: 21 January 2010 10:31 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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Thanks for the reminder, her is the teaser

and a translation of the press release:-

The Grand Tour Veymont
February 14, 2010

“Thanks for organizing this magic route! It was a first for me and sure, I’ll be back next year! “(A competitor from 2009).

For its 7th edition, the “TGV” will be part of the 2010 French Solo Championship.

So the best French skiers are expected. They will compete on the same route as in 2009 through the couloirs of Pierre White and “l’Avion”. A sporty route punctuated with two passes on feet and crampons, widely appreciated by participants.

The 1h41 time set by the 2009 winner for the 1650 meters of vertical for the main route is there to beat. Growing from 89 participants in the 1st edition in 2004, 200 are expected for this year. Two other routes are planned for the “Juniors” and “Youth” categories. They includes technical passages but feature less vertical compared to the main route.

Even with its French Championship status, the “TGV” remains open to all, both regular and occasional ski mountaineers. But it offers the opportunity to compare with the best.

The Grand Tour Veymont has the privilege of being one of the four events allowed through the Reserve Naturelle des Hauts Plateaux du Vercors the largest reserves in mainland France.

Respect for the environment is a big concern for the Organizers:
- Use reusable cups, recyclable rubbish bags for clothing, encouraging car pooling;
- Meals with local seasonal produce;
- Securing of avalanche risk areas by skier compaction (not
- Travel by snowmobile and ratrac limited to the ski area of the
- Disqualification for non compliance of the Reserve.

Contact: Jérome Laye 06 78 96 27 36 - CIF-Dauphine Ski Mountaineering