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Strikes threaten start of ski season
Posted: 07 December 2009 10:18 PM  
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Striking French workers could threaten the Christmas holiday period and bring France to a standstill. A wave of strikes are scheduled starting this weekend. First off are railway workers of the SNCF. Four unions will be involved in rolling strkes from the 12 December at 8pm. Last month localized action in the Rhone-Alpes region brought misery to millions of commuters left stranded as trains failed to turn up. This next set of strikes will catch holiday makers and season workers. Take particular care if you are using TER trains from Geneva to the Savoie or from Chambery or Lyon.

Thinking about taking the car instead? Forget it. Disgrunteled lorry drivers are also threatening strike action from Sunday night. That could mean road blockages and lack of fuel and food in supermakets.

Thinking of eating out? Forget it. Hotel and restaurant workers may strike as they feel they’ve not had their fair share of the cut in VAT.

Thinking of drawing money out form a cashpoint at Christmas. Think again. Security van drivers are planning to strike from the 21st of December. Without their work cashpoints will rapidly run short of cash.

Ski resort managers are worried the discontent will spread to unionized labour in ski resorts. Courchevel was shut down in 2008 when ski lift operators staged a strike. Holiday makers had to be bussed over to nearby Meribel. Tignes only escaped a similar stoppage at the 11th hour last season.

Posted: 08 December 2009 10:28 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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What a surprise… Guess I’ll be spending my hard earned cash in the swiss alps instead…