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Avalanche ABS wireless activation
Posted: 19 October 2009 05:07 PM  
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I’m just looking through the ABS catalogue for next season. There are some updates to the packs including a 2kg 10 liter pack. Ok 10 liters is not much volume.

My eye was caught by the wireless activation feature. ABS says it makes skiing in groups even safer as you can activate the airbag (double packs only) of a buddy caught in a slide if they are unable to. Given that some deaths have occured due to this very problem it seems like a good idea, particuarly for led or guided groups. (I remember reports of a guided group at les arcs a few years back where two young men died).

To avoid problems, such as someone inflating your pack on a ski lift (could be fun) you can allow everyone in a group to activate packs or appoint defined activators or just set the person skiing the slope’s pack to activate. There almost seem to be too many choices and I wonder how all this will work at the top of a pitch with gloves on, a gale force wind and cold?

The system has a good 300 meter range and triggers can serve as relay stations to extend this range. They claim no interference with avalanche beacons… did anyone see this video though?

Energy is via lithium batteries, will they survive the cold?

Can be retrofitted to existing systems, does anyone know the costs?

Overall it sounds like an interesting feature.

Posted: 21 October 2009 10:35 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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I’m sure someone is going to hack those remote control handles!

I found these figures in the French version of the brochure (from the SLF in Davos)

Out of 226 inflated airbags there were 199 who came out without problem, 22 injures, 3 deaths and 2 unknown.

106 were on the surface, 8 injured
81 partially buried with 6 injured
21 completely buried but with airbags visible, 2 deaths, 4 injured
3 completely buried, 1 dead
15 unknown state.

These seem like very positive figures for the ABS Airbag.