Roller-Skiing: Banks of the Isere Rollerski

2015-12-08 by davidof


Route Taken: as topo
Road Access

Vertical Climbed: 65 meters (213 feet)
Distance: 17.9 km
Weather Cloudy


I'd seen a few people had rollerskied the banks of the Isere from Grenoble Hospital to la Murianette past Gieres. Around 15km. I parked at the Ile d'Amour and crossed the bridge which is not so easy at the western end as there is a bit of a ramp then a grid. I then followed the path to the hospital. The first km is a bit of a rough surface. Not too many cyclists or joggers on a weekday. Then back all the way to Gieres where the last km is on a road open to cars but residents only so virtually no traffic. It is a good plan but there were one or two wet sections. It is largely flat except where the path passes under various road bridges. 65 meters of climbing over 18km.



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