Ski-Touring: Mallisards pt 1952m by the Aulp du Seuil

2016-01-26 by davidof


Route Taken: as topo
Road Access Clear

Vertical Climbed: 1300 meters (4265 feet)
Distance: 11.8 km
Weather Warm - 13C at 1000m. FL 3200 m. and sunny


Honestly the ski conditions are not great in the Isere ranges at the moment. There was fresh snow about a week ago and when the storm finally cleared out Thursday and Friday offered what will probably be some of the best skiing of the season. Then Friday/Saturday there was high level rain which left some very crusty conditions but helped stabilized the snowpack. This week has been very warm, springlike. So I didn't have high hopes. The climb was hard, very warm on the east facing slopes and not easy going with all the postholes from walkers. Even snowshoes leave a nicer trail to climb. There was a lack of snow on the traverse at the top of the Cirque.

I decided to ski down to the valley. The snow on the shaded NW facing slope was heavy powder with a breakable crust. Then a climb up to the Lance de Mallisards on an existing track, which was nice. The skiing down was heavy. Some chamois caused a purge on the slope above and to the left of me, big blocks of snow but they didn't take much with them. The usual snow snails rolling downslope on turns. Not the best skiing ever. At the comma couloir I met up with a couple of women and we skied down together. They, very sensibly, had climbing helmets. The snow at 2pm was heavy - heavier the lower you went, again not great but it was a way of losing height. The forest wasn't too bad, the snow had remained colder under the trees.



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