Posted on: 2020-01-29 09:31:50 by davidof

High Avalanche Risk in the French Alps

Following fresh snow (20cm from 1000 meters altitude, up to 80cm locally) and very strong winds the avalanche risk is High over much of the Northern French Alps and the northern half of the Southern French Alps concerning most or all slope aspects. The weather event is ongoing and visibility is poor.

The Hautes-Alpes prefecture has warned that “the fresh snow, which isn’t stabilized is dangerous for all winter sports enthusiasts, do not go off open and marked ski runs and don’t cross ropes, reschedule your ski tours for another day”.

The Lauteret and Vars high mountain passes are closed due to snow drifting today.

The Savoie and Isere prefectures have called for “the greatest vigilance in the mountains and strongly advises against any off-piste skiing, ski touring and snowshoeing because of the dangers”. Meteo France says ski tourers should “carefully prepare any outing, off piste skiers need to be very prudent and respect the opinion of professionals in the ski resorts”. The risk should decrease on Thursday but skiers should stay vigilant and consult the avalanche bulletin