Posted on: 2020-01-18 21:16:37 by davidof

Teen injured in Sept Laux snow slide

A teenager had a narrow escape after being buried in an avalanche in the 7 Laux ski resort close to Grenoble. The 13 year old boy was skiing with his dad off piste from the Dôme des Oudis. His dad had skied the slope. The son triggered a sluff which destablised him on a small terrain trap, the snow then covered the skier. Another skier spotted a ski poking out of the slide and began to dig. The boy had lost conscience and suffered a back injury. He was hospitalized in Grenoble.
The avalanche risk was Considerable in the area following 20cm of fresh snow accompanied by winds from the north to north-west. The bulletin warned of skier triggered windslab avalanches.