Col De Freydane By The Lacs Du Domenon

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Park at either the Quatre Chemins (end of the surface road) or at Pre Reymond (1372m). The track to the Pre Reymond is a bit rough and sometimes blocked by fallen trees. Follow the GR walking trail to the south-east, after 1km there is a junction to the Pre Mollard refuge (this was impassible at some point in 2006 due to mudslides the previous summer). Continue another few hundred meters where a single track branches up to the left (1570m). After about 8 hairpins the track traverses more or less flat to exit under the north face of the Grand Colon. Continue to the lac du Crozet where you traverse to the left of the lake then the col du Pra (2186m).

The trail up to the lacs des Domenons was a bit indistinct, It seems to head north-east towards the Grand Lance de Domene but from above there seemed to be a more direct route. After the fork with the Croix de Belledonne route the markings (GR Red/Yellow) become quite indistinct. The GR walking trail now passes by by col du Loup and this trail is not well maintained. Just follow the scree slope to the col.

Mountain RangeBelledonne
Summitcol de Freydane
Altitude2645 m
Distance9 km
MapsCarte IGN Top 25 3335 OT Grenoble
GPS Waypoint 
GPS RouteGoogle-Earth:Freydiere
MarkingsRed/Yellow (faint after lac de Domenon)
Road AccessA41 -> Domenon -> Revel -> le Rousset
Starting Altitude1285 (4 chemins)
Ascent1360 m
Time3-4 hours
Refugesrefuge de la Pra?


I had a late start from the 4 Chemins, around 11am as I had to drop JG off with his grandparents. This put me under a bit of time pressure so I sprinted to the lac du Crozet. A quick detour to look at Bruno's Kairn then the long traverse across the lac de Crozet and the climb to the col de la Pra. Here a helicopter made repeated rotations as it brought building materials to the refuge du Pra? which is being refurbished at the moment.

There are no remains of the neve de la Grande Pente, a large snowslope that used to lead up to the Croix de Belledonne. It has completely melted over the hot summers of the early 21st century. There was a cold wind between the lac de Crozet and the col de Freydane - I'd forgotten my gloves and hat and this was a reminder that it really was autumn. From the col I descended by the glacier de Freydane.

Contributed by davidof on the 17th October 2006

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