Nordic Skiing: Afternoon Training - 1,356 m. (4,449 ft)

Sat, 4 January 2020


Minimum altitude: 1,280 meters

Distance: 19.3 km

Slope Aspect: North

Vertical Climbed: 382 meters (1,253 feet)

Vertical Descended: 380 meters


Went up to the col de Porte for an afternoon session on classic and skate skis. Generally doing exercises - balance, no poles etc with a couple of loops thrown in for fun. The pistes behind the "foyer" are closed due to lack of snow but the main ski run to the Chamechaude looks to have sufficient snow cover to be skiable; there were ski tourers anyway.


It rain on Friday night a bit. Chopped up snow. Some bare patches in the usual spots on corners/descents now but the pisteurs have done a good job keeping things skiable. Needs more snow soon.


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