Dent du Pra by the Aigleton

2623 meters (8606 feet)


Type: Round-Trip
Sports: Ski-Touring
Lowest Point: 1088 meters (3570 feet)
Vertical Climbed: 1535 meters (5036 feet)
Duration: 0.5 day(s)

Created on: 13-May-2013 by davidof
Aspect: South-West
Difficulty: 3.3/E2
Equipment: Crampons for the section between the Col de l'Aigleton to the Dent du Pra Remarks: The majority of the route is exposed to the South-West so transforms later in the day. However the crux, above the Col de l'Aigleton is South-East facing and should be tackled early (before 10h00). After the Habert du Muret (private refuge, locked) the south facing slopes under the Jas des Lièvres are avalanche prone.


Climb the trail to the east in the Muret valley. At the exit of the forest at 1600m there is a flat section, pass the Habert d'Aiguebelle (unguarded refuge, can serve as a base for numerous tours in the valley although it is a bit basic). Turn north into the Venetier valley. The col de l'Aigleton is visible to the North East looking up the valley. Climb the right bank of the Venetier to the Col. The slopes on the left bank below the col are prone to slabs, try to stay in the center of the valley.

From the col (2266 m) without losing any height, traverse to the left and climb the first, open south east facing slope (35/40°) for about 75 meters. Towards the top traverse to north-east on a suspended plateau then climb another south-east facing slope for abotu 50 meters, this exits onto a col and you can traverse across to the summit of the Dent du Pra via another small col to the right.

Descent by the same route, the passage above the Col is relatively exposed.

Road Access

Grenoble -> Exit before the toll booth -> Brignoud -> D528 to Laval -> Prabert. Follow the route towards the Pré de l’Arc. Barrier at 1088 meters in the winter. Note it is possible to park at 1410 meters (500 meters on a track) at the end of the season.


1. Fond de la Belle Etoile
Rating: 3.1/E1
Description: From the summit descend to the south via the Fond de la Belle Etoile - the skiing is relatively easy except for some steep but short couloirs at the end. Climb to the col de l'Aigleton

2. SW face
Rating: 3.2/E1
Description: From the summit ski down a south-west facing valley. The final slopes (2 large couloirs of 100m) above the Venetier lakes are relatively steep but not exposed. Descend to the south via the Venetier valley.


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