Ski-Touring: Dent de Crolles in the fog

2016-03-13 by davidof


Route Taken: as topo
Road Access Clear

Vertical Climbed: 7 meters (23 feet)
Weather Cool 3C @ 1200m. Foggy and damp.


I waited until 4pm to see if the cloud that has been clagging the Chartreuse would clear. It seemed to be the case and for a brief moment it lifted revealing the mountain in all its glory. Unfortunately a couple of minutes later the door shut and it was gloom again. I didn't go further than the Pas de l'Oeille as another skier had said part of the cornice had broken causing a slide and it is a terrain trap: funnel and cliffs. Given the lack of visibility there seemed little point. I stopped at around 1930 meters just under the cliffs. The ski down was soggy until the old ruins then the snow improved a bit turning into powder in the woods. I should probably have followed the woods back to the carpark but decided to regain the road which was hardpack.



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