Nordic-Skiing: Col de Porte again

2016-03-30 by davidof

Snow and Avalanche

Time Location Altitude Aspect Fresh/Total Type Skiability Stability

Avalanche Observations

Snowline Up/Down: 1290 meters (4232 feet)
Avalanche Risk: 2


Route Taken: as topo
Road Access

Vertical Climbed: 200 meters (656 feet)
Distance: 9.7 km
Weather 12C at 1300 meters. Warm.


12C at the col at 1pm with a light foehn. The snow was pretty heavy. Skiable but largely due to improved technique this winter. The south loop had some bare patches as for the rest, around 20-50cm of snow. They hope to stay open to next weekend. With snow at 1300m on Friday they might just do it.



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