Cabane de Berger Rocher du Midi

1520 meters (4987 feet)


Type: Round-Trip
Sports: Ski-Touring
Lowest Point: 950 meters (3117 feet)
Vertical Climbed: 570 meters (1870 feet)
Duration: 0.5 day(s)

Created on: 22-Mar-2013 by davidof
Aspect: East
Difficulty: 2.3/E1
Equipment: Ski crampons. Remarks: The slopes above the ski area are subject to purges after fresh snow and in warm weather especially higher up under the south pillar of the Rochers du Midi.


From les Vials the simplest is to climb to the top of the pistes (watch out for skiers). When you reach the top of the Sauzet drag the path continues directly west up a steep slope which is partially blocked by alderwood bushes for about 100 vertical meters. The cabane de Berger is located behind a large rock for avalanche protection at 1520m. You can continue upslope to around 1700m directly under the Rochers du Midi. Be careful as the channel directly under the Rochers du Midi is liable to full depth slides.

Descend to the top of the pistes, take the Pierre Aigue piste on the right and at 1300 take a trail that leads into the woods (GR Petite Roches). After a few meters follow the slope down to join first the Chemin de l'Herse (start of cross country trail) at 1150 meters, then ski down through the phantom village to exit onto the field above les Vials.

Road Access

Grenoble > St Nazaire les Eymes > Station de St Hilaire du Touvet (depart possible from the ancient hospital @ 1100m) depending on snow cover


1. St Hilaire, Pistes
Rating: 1.3/E1
Description: Top of the ski runs. Possible at the end, beginning or during the ski season. Morning, noon or night.


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