Ski-Touring: Bike-ski

2016-11-17 by davidof

Snow and Avalanche

Time Location Altitude Aspect Fresh/Total Type Skiability Stability
10:15:00 Road 1250 South 0/5 Ice 3
11:30:00 Bec Charvet 1750 North 0/30 Mank 2 Snow not bonded to ground

Avalanche Observations

Altitude Aspect Size Type
1800 South-East Sluff Wet Snow
1700 North-West Sluff Wet Snow
1700 North Sluff Wet Snow

Snowline Up: 1230 meters (4036 feet)
Snowline Down: 1230 meters (4036 feet)
Avalanche Risk:


Route Taken: as topo
Road Access Clear to the barrier just after le Baure

Vertical Climbed: 700 meters (2297 feet)
Weather Cloudy, some sun later in the morning, warm.


As I had until the early afternoon I decided to load up my old mountain bike and ride up to the trailhead at 1230 meters just behind the house. About 12km of riding but 1000m of climbing. Ok if you take it slowly and easy, if cold, on the way down. At the trailhead there was about 2-3cm of frozen slush, a long way from the conditions of last weekend. Snow got better from 1300 m on the first hairpin but even at the col (1400m) there was only some 5 to 10cm of compact snow. The climb to the summit of the Bec Charvet was not too hard, it is normally complex at the start of the season with roads and tree stumps. At the summit there was around 30cm of dense but humid snow. Skiing down the north side was not that great: brushwood not sufficiently buried, avalanche debris - there had been a lot of activity overnight, snow not great. It was better on the old pistes of the col du Coq with 20cm of dense snow on grass. The ski down to the trail head on the road was ok.

It was interesting taking the bike. I'd done it in the past and it is just as hard combining the two activities. Not that practical for day trips.



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