La Pointe D Emy South east Face

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la pointe d'Emy
la Pointe d'Emy from the Grande Chible

Follow the same route into the combe de Moulins from Albanne as detailed for la Grande Chible. At 2420 meters fork to the left following the bed of a stream. At 2500 meters turn to the north-west into a wide valley to climb a 100 meter slope, this exits onto a short plateau which you cross to the west before once again climbing some steeper slopes to the north which reach the north-east ridge of the Pointe d'Emy at around 2760 meters. The summit is 40 meters up a wide ridge. The south-east face can be skied directly. Descend by the track that follows the bottom of the combe des Moulins. It is also possible to traverse to point 2590 on the IGN map to ski the gentle east facing slopes.

la pisee
Chalet at la Pisée
Mountain RangePays d'Arves/Haute-Maurienne
Summitla Pointe d'Emy
Altitude2797 meters
Starting Altitude1680m
MapsIGN Top 25 3435 ET Valloire
GPS WaypointN 45.1926°, E 06.3684°
GPS RouteGoogle-Earth:Les-Karellis
Grade[1]Danger: 1, Climb: F, Ski: 2.3
Comments30° over 300 meters
SnowboardersGrands Moulins track is flat in places
EquipmentSki Crampons, crampons / rope for summit ridge
Road AccessChambéry -> Saint-Jean de Maurienne -> Montricher-Albanne


la Pointe d'Emy
The famous beret

After having climbed and skied la Grande Chible we reskinned and climbed up to the Pointe d'Emy. Having been almost alone on the Chible we were now joined by hoards of snowshoers, skiers and snowboarders. I've never seen so many snowboarders climbing on raquettes. They were stamping around in the ski tracks which made climbing a bit harder work.

The day had now warmed up and the sun-crust that was present in the morning had now melted although the underlying snow was heavy. After 1750 meters of vertical I was knackered and found the ski down quite hard work. Back in the combe des Moulins there were quite a few rocks on the track. I hit one with a ski, lost the ski and snapped the safety strap. I managed to catch the runaway ski before it picked up speed!

la pointe d'Emy
Dr. Bruno climbing to the Pointe d'Emy

Contributed by davidof on the 16 December 2006

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