Rocher Blanc South west Couloir

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The South-West couloir can be found on the left about 50 meters below the summit of the Rocher Blanc on the south-west ridge. It can be skied directly from le Fond de France or combined in a tour, for example from the Rieu-Claret returning by the col de l'Amiante (Asbestos Pass).

rocher blanc south west couloir

South West Couloir entrance

As you can see from the photgraph below taken at around 10.30am in May the south-west couloir is crescent shaped. The snow transforms earlier at the summit and lower section. This means that the snow may still be very hard and icy in the steeper central part

rocher blanc south west couloir variant

South West Couloir, col de l'Amiante on the right

Route Card

GPS: 45°14'29.40"N, E 6° 6'27.36"E, Altitude: 2928 meters
Orientation: South-West
Toponeige Rating: Danger: 2, Climb: PD, Ski: 4.3
Climbing: 1850meters, 6050 ft from le fond de France

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